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About Us

Deltana Engineering originates from the experience acquired during the expansion of the Madrid Metro network during the period 2004 -2011. It is in 2015, when, from a small collaboration in a project in the Middle East, it gives rise to the achievement of great goals and projects so that, from September 2016, already as an established company, embrace the responsibilities and challenges from the hand of our customers.

Today Deltana Engineering provides technical support in any of the project phases: bidding, design, execution and commissioning of the infrastructure and does so both remotely and in site. For each of the stages, an experienced technical team provides our clients with the best technological tools and an effective interaction focused on optimizing time, resources and quality of deliveries.

In constant technical evolution, the team that makes up Deltana Engineering works to provide solutions and quick answers to the needs raised by our clients in projects around the world. The values of commitment, sacrifice and honesty give a sense to the work of our team to continue facing the future.






Quality politics


We are a professional team whose daily actions we execute with an approach oriented to satisfy the needs of our Clients in our vision of a world-class company, based on the following principles:

  1. CUSTOMER ORIENTATION as a starting point for our actions, making every effort to understand their true needs, assuming that knowing how to understand their approaches and correctly interpret the technical information they provide us is part of the service we provide.

  2. TEAM CONSCIOUSNESS where coexistence, collaboration and respect between company workers is a fundamental principle of our management, to later form a team also with clients with whom we interact to achieve common objectives.

  3. CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION to find the best solutions using technology as an ally that allows a competitive service to be provided.

  4. PRODUCTIVITY as value, through which all activity makes sense to the extent that it adds value internally and for the customer.

  5. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, which means learning from the mistakes made to seek better practices and also from the successes achieved to strengthen the behaviors that lead to important achievements.