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At Deltana Engineering we also use Bentley OpenRoads

Having the tools required by each engineering market is important, but more important is having the technical team that knows how to use them and get the most out of them.

At Deltana Engineering we have the most suitable work tools and also properly trained professionals. Bentley OpenRoads is used by 45 Departments of Transportation in the United States, seven Ministries of Transportation in Canada, and the top 25 transportation design companies, municipal governments, and transportation agencies located around the world. For this reason, Deltana Engineering is prepared to meet the support requirements in bidding processes and execution of road works in North America, through complementary work to support design companies or to support consortia that require measurements (Bill of Quantities) in bidding  processes for roads and metro projects.

With OpenRoads we enhance our response capacity by taking advantage of our vast experience in supporting the technical work office of large infrastructure projects, providing a broad modeling environment to support design and analysis from conception to construction.

Our team is not only able to elaborate models in the BIM environment, starting from a previous design or to measure quantities based on it, but we can also add value to the processes. Our added value is that we review all the information available, designs, plans, models, specifications, descriptive reports, standards and details. We audit all information, detect inconsistencies, lack of information. We analyze, collect, compare, combine all the information, when there are uncertainties and propose solutions.

In short, our added value is to accompany the client throughout the process, from design to having reliable, traceable and verifiable measurements. This is possible because, in addition to having software such as Autodesk Revit or Bentley OpenRoads, we also have a team of experienced engineers and architects dedicated to these tasks, able to adapt to different geographic environments and local regulatory frameworks.

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