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Strengthening the Human Connection in a Virtual World: The Key to Deltana's Success

Human Connection



At Deltana we understand that our team is the backbone of the company. Although 100% of our team works remotely, we know that maintaining proximity and cohesion is fundamental to the success of our projects and the satisfaction of our staff.

Virtual and Face-to-Face Meetings: Reducing the Distance

For us, it is essential to organize virtual meetings every month and some face-to-face meetings throughout the quarters. These meetings not only allow us to align our objectives and strategies, but also serve as a space to share ideas, celebrate achievements and reinforce our organizational culture. Through these meetings, we foster open and constant communication, which is essential in a telecommuting environment.

The Value of Teamwork

At Deltana, we strongly believe in the power of teamwork. Each member of our team brings a vital piece to the puzzle of our projects. Fostering a collaborative environment, where every voice is heard and valued, allows us to achieve exceptional results. These monthly meetings are an opportunity to reinforce our commitment to team collaboration and synergy.

Personal Satisfaction: Our Priority

We know that the personal satisfaction of our team is a fundamental pillar for maintaining a high level of motivation and productivity. For this reason, at each meeting, we not only discuss work-related issues, but also dedicate time to wellness activities, continuous training and recognition. Our goal is for each member to feel valued and fulfilled both professionally and personally.

Innovation and Adaptability in Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a constantly evolving field and, at Deltana, we are committed to innovation and adaptability. Our monthly meetings also allow us to keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies, ensuring that our projects are always of the highest quality and sustainability.

Building Strong Relationships

Beyond the technical and professional aspects, we value personal relationships. These encounters are fundamental to building and maintaining strong, genuine relationships among all team members. A strong human connection translates into a more positive and collaborative work environment.

A Bright Future Together

At Deltana, we are committed to creating a bright and successful future together. Through our monthly meetings, we not only strengthen our bonds as a team, but also ensure that we are aligned and prepared for the challenges and opportunities the future holds.

Our team is our priority and we look for all the tools we have to make them feel protagonists of this team.

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