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Challenging 2022 for Deltana Engineering

Challenging 2022 for Deltana Engineering

2022 begins, the sixth year for Deltana Engineering, with the challenge of continuing to collaborate on important projects at a global level. Our activity is carried out by supporting during the bidding, design and execution phases of civil works and buildings in a wide geographical range that in 2021 placed us in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Scotland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Croatia, Arabia Saudi, Peru, Colombia, Angola, Canada, United States and Australia.

In 2022 we will continue in the projects that we are already collaborating on, such as in several railway sections in Norway and the Rail Baltica. At the same time, we continue to explore a global market that promises interesting developments with new opportunities that arise and which we will be focusing on with an experienced and technically solvent professional team.

Among the most important opportunities that we have identified, we can mention the Remodeling and Conversion of the Chamartín Railway Station and the Extension of Line 11 of the Madrid Metro, the Sydney Metro, and the Toronto Metro; road works such as the Sotra Connection in Norway, the Lower Thames Crossing in England or large hydraulic infrastructure works such as the Hydro Snowy 2.0 in Australia. These are just some of the great projects that are envisioned in the short and medium term future.

Obviously there are many other infrastructure works and buildings that in 2022 represent opportunities that we will be exploring to continue our path of consolidation as an excellent option to support their realization.

Developing the trust of our clients has been our priority and we feel that we have come a long way, but 2022 presents us with important challenges in this direction and we are preparing to face them with success and determination.

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