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AutoCAD in the BIM era: The endurance of a classic tool in modern drafting

AutoCAD in the BIM era



Even though we are in the BIM (Building Information Modeling) era, AutoCAD remains an essential tool in drafting. Although BIM has revolutionized the way we design and build, AutoCAD has proven its value and durability over time. AutoCAD is known for its precision and efficiency, allowing draftsmen to create detailed technical drawings. Although BIM offers a more complete view of a project, AutoCAD remains irreplaceable for certain aspects of drafting, such as creating construction details or quickly modifying individual elements. In addition, AutoCAD is an excellent gateway for those who are just starting out in the world of computer-aided design. Its intuitive interface and wide range of tools make it an excellent choice for learning the fundamentals of technical design. In short, although BIM has changed the game in many ways, AutoCAD is still a valuable tool in any draftsman's toolbox.

In Deltana Engineering we are aware of this reality and we value the potential of each tool for the objectives that are set in each project, that is why we obtain excellent results in the production of shop drawings, rebar detailing and in the production of As built.

Deltana Engineering recognizes the continued relevance and value of AutoCAD in the context of the BIM era. AutoCAD indeed offers unique advantages that complement the capabilities of BIM software, especially in tasks that require precise drafting and quick modifications.

The ability to produce detailed shop drawings and rebar detailing, as well as efficiently creating accurate as-built documentation, highlights the versatility and effectiveness of AutoCAD in various stages of the design and construction process. It's evident that Deltana Engineering's approach of leveraging the strengths of different tools based on the specific requirements of each project contributes to the achievement of excellent results.

By embracing both traditional tools like AutoCAD and modern methodologies like BIM, Deltana Engineering demonstrates adaptability and a commitment to delivering high-quality outputs that meet the diverse needs of clients and projects. This balanced approach ensures efficiency, accuracy, and ultimately, client satisfaction.

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