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BOCE®: Innovation in the Transition from Design to Execution




At Deltana Engineering, our philosophy focuses on constant innovation to meet the changing needs of our clients. One of our latest developments is the orientation of our services to facilitate the transition of projects from the design phase to their execution. This evolution responds to a recurring need: to enrich and complement the information provided by the designers so that, in practice, it translates into a tangible and successful work.

To achieve this, we have developed a unique approach called Back Office Construction Engineering (BOCE®). This term, registered as Deltana Ingeniería's own and exclusive denomination, distinguishes our services from any other available in the market. BOCE® is not just a concept, but a methodology based on our extensive experience and a highly trained technical team.

Our team not only interprets engineering designs accurately, but also understands the specific needs of a construction site, thus acting as a bridge in the transition between design and construction. This allows us to provide comprehensive support, ensuring that each project not only meets design standards, but is also executed efficiently and effectively.

At Deltana Ingeniería, our commitment to excellence drives us to continue developing solutions that bring real value to our clients. With BOCE®, we are redefining how the transition from design to execution is carried out, ensuring that each project materializes according to the expectations and needs of our clients.

Thus, at Deltana Engineering, we continue to advance in the engineering sector, always focused on providing solutions that make our clients' visions a reality.

If you want to know more about BOCE® access through the following link: https://deltana.es/en/back-office-construction-engineering

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BOCE®: Innovation in the Transition from Design to Execution

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