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New challenges for Deltana in 2024

New challenges for Deltana in 2024

The year 2024 has begun and Deltana Engineering is determined to face new challenges, based on a vision of consolidating new markets, a more agile and flexible organizational structure and a strategy aimed at strengthening our support in the execution phase of projects, with a young but experienced team and new skills adapted to the trends of modern engineering.

The 2024 strategy is based on 4 fundamental axes:

  • Consolidation in emerging markets.

  • Focus on project execution support.

  • Organizational flexibility

  • Rational technological evolution


Consolidation of emerging markets

Special emphasis on markets where we are already present, but which offer real opportunities for significant growth, mainly in civil engineering and infrastructure projects. Four markets of particular interest have been identified: Canada, Norway, the Middle East and Australia. The latter is an important challenge to be explored in the medium term.


Focus on supporting projects in the execution phase.

This gives us the opportunity for a greater and more stable relationship and connection with the project. For this, we have an organizational culture based on facilitating the constructiveness of the design, ensuring the definition of the details, the development of plans and executive models of structure, architecture, facilities, to complement the work of the designer and facilitate the implementation. We have called this type of assistance BOCE, Back Office Construction Engineering, which implies the involvement of our technical team in both the interpretation of the design and the understanding of the construction phases, in communication and joint work with the interested parties.


Organizational flexibility

With a flat structure of highly qualified personnel, not only technically but also in terms of decision making and adequate attention to an increasingly demanding client, who requires engineering services of competitive quality worldwide. This organizational flexibility is what allows us to have a clear definition of responsibilities, but at the same time with rotating roles according to the demand of the projects to give more agile and relevant answers.


Rational technological evolution

This implies the adoption of technologies, software and platforms according to the reality of each market, but with criteria of maximum use and with a sense of technical consolidation of our professional team in each of the tools adopted. Using BIM not as an organizational element, but as a working tool with a practical sense and harmoniously integrated with the rest of the tools used.

Adding value to projects

We hope that these new challenges for 2024 will help us take another step forward in gaining the trust of our clients with globally competitive quality services that will allow us to continue adding value to the projects in which we participate.

This added value, which differentiates us from other companies providing engineering services, is expressed in the following points where we will improve to deepen this:

  • Practical application of design:

Going beyond the mere interpretation of designs on paper and applying a practical sense to ensure feasibility and efficiency during construction.

Cases such as shop drawings or quantity takeoffs where this practical approach has allowed us to optimize construction processes and save costs.


  • Communication and Collaboration:

Effective communication from our technical team to other stakeholders involved in the project.

Acting as a bridge between design professionals, contractors, and other stakeholders to ensure a smooth flow of information and understanding.


  • Problem Solving Ability:

Use best efforts to successfully resolve problems that may arise during the construction phase, utilizing both design interpretation and understanding of the construction phases.

Contribute innovative solutions or improvements to be implemented as a result of this hands-on approach.


  • Task Facilitation:

Facilitate the entire process for all parties involved, taking on the task of reviewing all technical information, reviewing and identifying inconsistencies, ambiguities, interferences, and proposing solutions to all of the above.


  • To be an ally for our clients:

To be a reliable partner for our clients, participating from the bidding phase to the preparation of the Bill of Quantities, in order to contribute to the award and subsequent success of the project.

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New challenges for Deltana in 2024

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