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Rail Baltica has just launched the largest tender for the construction of the railway line in Latvia

Rail Baltica has just launched the largest tender for the construction of the railway line in Latvia

This international competition includes the substructure and superstructure construction works for the Rail Baltica railway line of more than 200 km on the territory of Latvia and outside the city limits of Riga, including the preparation of the territory, construction of embankments, railway bridges, roads, overpasses and rails and shift of networks

The tender "Construction of Rail Baltica Main Line in Latvia" aims at early participation of the contractor to carry out Rail Baltica main line and infrastructure construction works in Latvia (outside the capital city of Riga) . The international bidding for construction works will be carried out in two stages. The winner is expected to be chosen and the contract concluded by the end of 2022, ensuring that construction of the new rail line can begin in the first half of 2023.

This project, which is financed up to 85% by the European Union, aims to connect the Baltic countries with the rest of Europe. The remaining 15% of the financing is guaranteed by the Latvian state budget.

The construction of railway electrification and signaling subsystems are excluded from the announced tender. In order to implement a common approach and considering the complexity of these rail systems and the high safety requirements of the system, it is planned to launch a new tender centrally by the joint venture Rail Baltica and the global project coordinator RB Rail AS.

Candidates who intend to offer in this bidding process must have at least 7 years of experience in the construction of railways and other engineering infrastructures, given the scope foreseen in the work ("Construction of the main line of Rail Baltica in Latvia"). The contracting authority is willing to attract construction companies with an annual turnover appropriate to the scale of the project.

Aspiring companies must have quality management and environmental management systems and have experience in a building information modeling (BIM) environment. An international tender will allow to choose the best combination of cost and professional experience within the candidates.

The tender will be carried out in two stages: during the first stage, the candidates will be selected, so the evaluation and discussion of the proposals, the presentation of the final proposals and the conclusion of the acquisition contract will be carried out in the second stage.

Interested companies must apply for the tender by January 28, 2022. The second stage is expected to be announced in April 2022 to conclude a contract with the winner of the second stage of procurement by the end of 2022 and start the works of construction in the first half of 2023.

The contracting regulations and all their annexes are available in the  E-Tenders system of Latvia

Subsequently, new separate tenders will be launched for the construction works of the remaining sections and structures, including the sections of the main line in the city of Riga (from Riga airport to Torņkalns station and from the central train station to Acone. ), the cross-border sections of the main line on the Latvia / Estonia and Latvia / Lithuania borders (a total of about 20 km long on the territory of Latvia) and the construction of the future multimodal freight terminal of Salaspils.

Contracts have already been signed and construction works are underway on the Rail Baltica Central Hub: construction of the Riga Central Railway Station and construction of the Riga Airport Railway Station.

The total length of the Rail Baltica railway line in Latvia is approximately 260 km starting at the border between Lithuania and Latvia.

Deltana Engineering, which has already been collaborating on this ambitious project since the end of 2019 in the design and execution phase, in support of the technical office of the work, expects to obtain a greater participation in the execution of the sections that are announced.

Source: https://www.railbaltica.org/international-tender-launched-for-the-rail-baltica-main-line-construction-in-latvia/

Image: https://www.railbaltica.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Rail_Baltica_publicity_photo-2048x1365.jpg

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