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At Deltana Engineering, we support Mateo's cause.



On March 31, 2023, we had the opportunity to attend the event "LET'S MAKE MAGIC!" organized by the Una Vida Para Mateo Association. The association's purpose is to raise funds to restore the health of Mateo, a 3-year-old boy who suffers from an ultra-rare, unknown, unstudied, and incurable mutation in the Nek8 gene. This disease is characterized by causing fibrosis in various organs, with the most affected being the heart, kidneys, and liver, which are precisely the organs affected in Mateo.

The Association has created a website (https://www.unavidaparamateo.com/) with the aim of trying to convey the situation and distress of Mateo's parents and loved ones, who are fighting to maintain hope for a healthy life for Mateo. They hope to touch the hearts of others, raise funds for this and other research, or find any information that can offer hope and the motivation to keep fighting.

Those who wish to contribute can go directly to the website through this link and choose the option that best suits their capabilities: https://www.asociacionunavidaparamateo.com/colabora

At Deltana Engineering, we stand in solidarity with this cause and invite those who have the means to support Mateo as he continues to bravely fight for his life.

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